One Stop Service
We move your cargo from the supplier and deliver to the destination
Import International Freight Rates
From Destination 20GP (USD) 40GP (USD) 40HC (USD)
ShenZhen Syd/Bri/Mel Quote 2550 2550
Guangzhou Syd/Bri/Mel Quote 2800 2800
Shanghai, Ningbo Syd/Bri/Mel Quote 2150 2150
Shanghai, Ningbo Syd/Bri/Mel Quote 2500 2500
Dalian Syd/Bri/Mel Quote 2700 2700
Xingang, Tianjin Syd/Bri/Mel Quote 2500 2500
Qingdao Syd/Bri/Mel Quote 2650 2650
Export International Freight Rates
From Destination 20GP (USD) 40GP (USD) 40HC (USD)
Syd/Bri/Mel Hongkong Quote 290 290
Syd/Bri/Mel Lianyungang Quote 420 420
Syd/Bri/Mel Huangpu Quote 450 450
Syd/Bri/Mel Tianjin Quote 485 485
Syd/Bri/Mel Huchiming City Quote 500 500
Fremantle Hongkong Quote 590 590
Fremantle Huchiming City Quote 600 600
Adelaide Hongkong Quote 680 680
Adelaide Huangpu Quote 850 850
All above rates are international freight only, excluded GST, condition apply and subject to change without notice.
Please feel free to contact us with following detail for quotation.
Your company and contact detail.
Detail description of commodities.
Plan export date.